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Applelec Trade Signage Manufacturer

Signage that oozes style

Illuminated finishes

Striking and elegant our range of face and halo illuminated letters comes with a choice of flawless colour and metal finishes with beautifully blended edges and electroplated finishes. 

Metal finishes

These classic design delivers instant impact with the beautiful detail of their finish. The polished edge of the flat cut and blended edges of the built up distinguishes the quality and elegance of the letters

Coloured finishes

Our unique range of anodised coloured finishes, have a stunning brushed detail, finished in a range of striking and distinctive colours, to ensure your letters stand out from the crowd.

Neon finishes

Available in a range of styles; from fun to sophisticated and made bespoke to your specification, you can design with ease knowing you can achieve that striking, vibrant Neon look, with all the advantages of modern signage. 

Offer this range to your customers....

Unbranded SignPik Lettering Collection catalogue

An invaluable sales tool, our Letter Collection brochure allows your customer to pick the type of letter, font, size and finish, right on the spot. All you need to do is get a quote from us and then leave the manufacturing to us.  

Brochure includes:

  • Illuminated letters

  • Neon Letters

  • Metal Letters

  • Colour Finishes

SignPik Lettering Collection Product Image Library

For those of our trade customers who would like to offer our SignPik Lettering Collection to your customers, we can support you with a comprehensive library of product images for you to use on your website and in your marketing material to help you sell this impressive range to your customers. We've even thrown some social media posts in there for you too.

Halo Illuminated Letters

Get that sophisticated glow with our Halo Illuminated Letter range.


Seller packs include:

  • Product data sheet

  • Product images

  • Construction drawings

  • Video

Flat Cut Letters

Our Flat Cut Letter range is available in a wide variety of exceptional finishes including our unique electroplated and anodised finishes. 

Seller packs include:

  • Product data sheet

  • Unbranded catalogue

  • Product images

  • Construction drawings

  • Social content

Applelec SignPik Lettering collection

Applelec SignPik is a curated range of letters derived from over 20 years of industry experience, in a simple, customer focused, selection process that helps you to inspire your customers to create stunning signage.


The Applelec SignPik range includes, flat cut letters, built up letters and illuminated letters including face, halo and our impressive neon inspired range, all available in a selection of innovative letter finishes and quality manufacturing techniques, that never fails to impress!


"The end product looks magnificent and gives the customer a professional clean look." Jacob Smith - Nebula Creative Limited

The Applelec SignPik range is also supported by a selection of FREE tools, to help you offer this range to your customers.

Applelec SignPik

Problem: The drawing process can delay getting crucial information over your client.

‌Solution: The online signage configurator generates an instant and accurate visual of a client’s design brief prior to order.

Problem: What if my client's project requires something different to the Applelec SignPik range?

Solution: For any signage solution, from Applelec SignPik alterations to completely unique and bespoke signage, our experienced team deliver your signage requirements with excellence.

Problem: Explaining finishes to customers can lead to dissatisfaction

There are a range of SignPik samples available, which can not only speed up the ordering process and prevent customer dissatisfaction, but can also make an order more profitable.

Problem: Waiting for pricing can extend the ordering process time, impacting the customer experience.

Solution: Pricing is instantly available to approved Applelec SignPik distributors, helping you pass these benefits on to your client.

Problem: The endless signage design possibilities can make the decision-making process lengthy for your client.

Solution: Applelec SignPik is a comprehensive range of priced products that help guide your client, enabling them to swiftly find the perfect solution for their budget.

Problem: How can we guarantee end users interested in signpik will be able to find our company?

‌Solution: Our online specialist distributor map allows customers to easily find your company and company details, bringing end users directly to you.

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