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LED Neon

The future of Neon is here!


Get that sort after neon look with all the advantages of modern signage. Robust, easy to install, low voltage and safe to touch, LED neon removes all the risks associated with traditional neon signs without compromising on style.


This low voltage (12v), safe to touch and easy to install product is a robust, modern alternative to tradition neon signs, without losing that sought after retro look. This is achieved through its beautiful rounded, semi-circular face, made from clear polished acrylic that gives a glass tube appearance. This is further enhanced by the light refraction of the oval prism face, transferred from the energy efficient, LED light source, that gives a crystalline illusion, with no visible spotting.

Returns can either be colour matched to the face or supplied in a choice of metallic and paint finishes to suite your design and are suitable for internal or external applications.

Available in a range of styles; from fun to sophisticated and made bespoke to your specification, you can design with ease knowing you can achieve that striking, vibrant Neon look, with all the advantages of modern signage. 

Bespoke requirements

Whatever your design get in touch with the team. As bespoke signage manufacturers, we take each order on a case by case basis, so if you need different returns, finishes, lead time, check with the team and we will do all we can to help.

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Depth (mm):

  • Min - 40mm

  • Max - 175mm


Lead time:

  • Project dependant, confirm with sales

Fixing options:

  • Stud 

  • Max 1000mm

Electrical component warranty:

  • 3 years

Illumination options:

  • 3000k - 6500k

Height (mm):

  • Min - 100mm

  • Max - 1000mm



  • Indoor

  • Outdoor

  • Marine grade (on request)

Neon finishes:

  • Coloured 

  • Clear

  • Frosted

Illumination colour options:

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Amber

  • RGB

Material return options

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