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Applelec Trade Signage Manufacturer
vangarde totem -Applelec Sign

Totems & Monoliths

Totems and monoliths are used to create high profile identity and directional pylon signage for retail parks, landmarks, vehicle showrooms, supermarkets, petrol stations, leisure centres and other facilities typically accommodated across a large site.

Totems and monoliths deliver distinctive architectural signage

Fabricated Totem or monolith signs are tall, slim imposing creations commonly used as building entrance signage or leisure and retail park entrance signage. Produced in a variety of styles and heights, their primary purpose is to draw your attention to the sign from a greater distance. It is easy to add illumination to further enhance your sign with a choice of Applelec’s LED Systems, giving greater visibility and appearance.‌‌


Applelec’s monolith and totem signage can be created for interior or exterior conditions and is fabricated according to its intended location. Where necessary our design engineer will advise whether the sign requires a fixing cage, base plates or extended posts. The internal frame will then be calculated and drawn up taking into account the ground type and possible wind loadings it may endure.

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