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FREE Resources

Over the years we have put together various training materials to support our trade signage customers. Whether new to the signage industry, looking for a refresher or you would like to learn a bit more about the technical sides of signage manufacturing, there are resources for all, FREE to the trade signage industry. 

We also have a  number of FREE in-person training sessions available to our new, prospective and existing customers.

Applelec Training Guides

Introduction to illuminated signage

Key contents:

  • LEDs

  • Types of illuminated signage

  • Colour temperatures

  • Backgrounds

  • Wiring

  • Problem solving

Guide to sign fixings

Key contents:

From locators to fixing rails we take you through a simple overview of the various fixing methods used to install signage.

Signage wiring guide

Key contents:

  • Series wired

  • Parallel wired

  • 3M connectors

  • Solder sleeve

  • Wire gauge distance chart

  • Problem solving

Introduction to metal finishes

Key contents:

  • Stainless steel

  • Titanium

  • Brass

  • Copper

  • Corten

  • Powder coating

  • Wet spray

Connectors explained

Key contents:

  • Barrel

  • Tyco

  • JST

  • Wago

  • Gel

  • XLR

The Applelec Green Guide to LEDs

Our LED green guide aims to provide valuable information on choosing energy efficient LEDs, with a useful jargon buster and our guide to the new energy label rating system and what these changes mean to our customers.

LED Support Session

Our LED Support Training session will give your staff a great understanding of when and where to use the correct product for each project that comes along.

The training consists of taking your team through:

  • The products Applelec has to offer, what applications they are suited to and where they are most efficient.

  • The correct way of using the products to prevent voltage drop, spotting and labour time.

  • The software and tools we use in-house that could help save your production and design teams valuable time


Sessions can be held on your premises, over video call or on our West Yorkshire premises which can be combined with our insightful factory tours.

LED Sustainability Session

This crash course in sustainable lighting aims to give you a solid overview of our lighting products and their sustainability features, giving you the confidence to talk to your customers about the sustainable benefits of these products, as well as choosing the best solution for your project.


We’ll be covering:

  • Our range of illumination solutions and their sustainability features

  • The new energy rating system

  • Dimming and controllers

  • How our LEDs can save you on running costs

  • Eco engineering

Factory Tour

Our factory tours are an invaluable insight into what our team are capable of. Seeing for yourself the range of products and facilities we have here at our 6-acre business park, has never failed to help our customers get a better understanding of what Applelec has to offer.

See our wide and varied product range for yourself, our skilled craftsmen at work and meet our support team to discuss how Applelec can best support your business.

If that's not enough, we also supply a good Yorkshire brew, as well as a range of brochures and samples (where applicable). 

Free LED Layout Tutorial

Our partners SloanLED have recently developed a new online tool that allows you to generate your very own LED layouts in a matter of minutes!

This tool gives you the ability to produce layouts for both boxes and letters and will help narrow down the best SloanLED modules for your design, as well as providing useful information such as module count, spacings and power consumption.

You can then export your layouts to a pdf that can be given direct to your shopfloor to work from, or to the Applelec Supply team to supply and price.

This tool is completely FREE to all Applelec customers, and our LED expert Jake is offering FREE tutorials, helping you to get the most out of this valuable tool.

Applelec FREE Training Sessions

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