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Fascia Signage

Fascia Signs & Sign Trays

Applelec’s fascia signage is designed and manufactured to fulfil clients briefs, with each sign delivered fully wired up and bench tested, all letters mounted and LEDs installed. As part of Applelec’s full fascia sign package, there is no additional cost for the letter mounting, LED installation, wiring and testing. 

Fully assembled Fascia Signs and Sign Trays make life easy, arriving checked and ready to install

Applelec can create fascia signs and sign trays in a variety of styles, from simple and cost-effective flat panels to bigger, stencil cut, illuminated fabricated fascia options. Aluminium and composite panels are available and these can be painted or utilise applied vinyl or direct digital prints to achieve specific signs. Flat cut letters, built-up letters and LED illumination can be added to our fascia signs to provide detail.

Illumination comes from a range of LED modules specifically suited to the size and depth of each panel. An alternative illumination option is the addition of Applelec's super slim LED trough light which can be fixed above the installed sign. With a 28mm diameter it is one of the slimmest on the market and can be painted to match the colour of the sign.

Our LED Light Sheet are the perfect partner for stencil cut trays, achieving bright, even illumination at slimline depths.


Eco-engineer your fascia to include our eco-friendly acrylic diffuser and our Green Applelec LED Light Sheet, (thin industries first eco-friendly light panel) to make your fascia sign more sustainable than ever, without compromising on look or quality. 

Applelec Trade Fascia Signage
Applelec Trade Fascia Signage construction
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