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Wet paint or powder coat?

Wet paint or powder coating | Applelec Sign inhouse paintshop

Although it takes a trained eye to really tell the difference between these 2 finishes, the difference in processing and durability are worth knowing to ensure you choose the right finish for your job application and our inhouse painter, Jason, gives us the lowdown.

“Powder coating is a much faster process, going from prep, to oven, to ‘good to go’ in just a few hours. Once in the oven the sign is heated to 100 degrees, taking the paint from liquid form to a tough durable finish in a fraction of the drying time of wet paint. This not only speeds up manufacturing time, but it makes this finish much more chip resistant, longer lasting and less susceptible to colour fade, compared to wet paint, making it an ideal finish for high impact areas.
Wet paint on the other hand requires at least 24 hours of drying time and is susceptible to chipping and fading, so is suited to out of reach, low impact areas.”

Book our insightful factory tour and see our facilities, including our inhouse paintshop and the variety of finishes we have available, for yourself.



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