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The key features sign makers need to look for in LED technology

Key features sign makers need to look for in LED technology
The higher the lumens per watt, the more energy efficient the LED is

Second and third tier or non-branded standard LEDs tend to be around 70-100 lumens per watts, which gives an indication of how much visible light is emitted for a given amount of electricity used. The higher the lumens per watt, ideally above 100, the more energy efficient the LED is. To achieve this, advanced LED and chip technology is employed. For example, SloanLED design their products with leading class LED chip manufacturers, ensuring the very best efficacy, driving heat in the correct way to ensure the maximum junction temperature isn’t exceeded. This dramatically improves LED performance, long-term reliability and the maximum efficiency achieved.

Elliptical optic technology maximises light output

Another key feature is advanced lens technology and SloanLEDs elliptical optic technology maximises the light output for luminous and uniformed illumination, even at exceptionally shallow depths. The advantages of these are two-fold, a decrease in overall running costs across the life of the LED, as well as the number of LED modules required to produce the same brightness, saving on manufacturing costs and materials.

Extended warranties provides confidence in quality and longevity

The quality of components is another key feature. Lower cost modules have long been coveted by the signage community due to brightness and price points, however, these can come with their own hindrances such as quality and longevity. Although they offer the initial requirements, due to cheaper components; more modules may be needed initially, their brightness can fade quicker, and the energy consumption is considerably higher, costing the end user more over the lifespan of the sign. Therefore, extended warranties, such as SloanLEDs 10-year parts and labour warranty for many of their modules, would be a key factor to consider as this represents the supplier’s confidence in the longevity and quality of the components within their modules.

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