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Using signage to improve the workspace

At the start of the year, we did a blog on the signage trends for 2022, one of which predicted a shift towards environmental branding. It stated that branding was no longer just about your website and marketing but was now being extended into the physical environment. This method helps to emphasise the company’s culture, values and passion but also creates a motivating and pleasant environment for staff, and signage is a great way to achieve this.

This is something we have been working on at Applelec and we are in the process of updating the office and factory, one space at a time. With our first 2 projects complete, we wanted to share our progress with you.

Built up Moss Letters available from Applelec Trade Sign

Waiting room.

As first impressions are important, we kicked the project off in our waiting room. Wanting to greet customers with a smile and express the talent and product ranges we have here at Applelec, we added a pop of colour through decorative items such as plants and cushions, whilst staying on brand with a selection of colourful samples and brochures.

The rooms crowning glory is our built-up moss letters that welcome anyone with a touch of joy and a hint of nature, bringing the outside in and subtly reminding staff and visitors of our 2022 focus on the environment.

The letter shells were handcrafted inhouse and then filled with living moss. This virtually maintenance free, sustainably harvested, moss, is not only on trend, but really brings these letters to life, complementing the industrial units perfectly.

Applelec office block acrylic letters

Office wall.

As one of the first walls you see when coming into the office, we wanted this space to immediately represent our culture and values. What began as a plain white wall, soon became a statement piece when we injected colour, using the Applelec Sign blue, to create a striking base to display our messaging on. Cut inhouse on our laser, these flat cut acrylic letters were done in a mixture of depths and stroke widths, allowing us to bolden and accentuate certain words. Applied to the wall using VHB tape this was a really simple way to transform this space, whilst emphasising our brand messaging and values for staff and visitors alike.

See these for yourself, book a factory tour, contact:



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