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Two Pancras Square

Logic CP Limited selected Applelec’s NeonLux LED Lettering to create new branding for the reception desk of the recent Two Pancras Square refurbishment project in London.

Grade A building, Two Pancras Square has been created as part of a two million sq ft collection of office spaces next King’s Cross Station. With sustainability at the centre of the prestigious new development programme, Two Pancras Square has been awarded with a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.

The reception area of Two Pancras Square was recently refurbished to create a space that is more energy efficient, modern and in-keeping with the overall design of the building. Along with an ecological lighting scheme, Logic CP Limited installed a black granite reception desk that features Applelec’s low energy, NeonLux LED Lettering.

At 150mm in height, the NeonLux LED Letters were painted jet black to complement the dark granite surface of the reception desk. The unusual effect of black letters mounted onto a black surface was successfully achieved by the Two Pancras Square logo being created with side illumination. The cool, white 3200K embedded LEDs provided even illumination and delivered a crisp, elegant glow against the black granite surface, creating a striking installation.

Halo Illuminated Letters | Applelec Sign | Trade Signage

Nick Baster, director of Logic CP Limited said:

‘We specifically selected Applelec’s NeonLux LED Lettering for the reception desk as we knew this product would deliver the high quality finish the project required. The energy efficiency of the LED letters was in line with the building’s low energy consumption requirements and helped us to create the right product for the client.’

Michael Crotch, Head of Signage at Applelec said: ‘For this project, side as opposed to halo illumination was advised for the black letters, to ensure the mounted logo and lighting effect wouldn’t be lost against the dark, glossy granite. The thermally managed LEDs and high quality finish of this letter range provided a solution that was suitable for an eye-level installation.’




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