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Heaven Sent Signage

Nebula Creative Limited, appoints the Applelec Signage team to bring Heaven Sent Clinics identity signage to life.

Moving into their new premises in Wimslow, Heaven Sent Clinics had exciting plans for the worn property that had been a beauty salon for the last 25 years. As an award winning, luxury beauty clinic, they wanted a fresh, sophisticated aesthetic to match their brand and started renovating the property inside and out, giving the shop a stunning new shop front, treatment rooms and more.

Nebula Creative Limited designed identity signage for both the shop front, reception and treatment rooms, that would fit perfectly in the new surroundings and tasked the Applelec Signage team with bringing their concept to life. Requirements for the project included a set of built-up letters with halo illumination on the words ‘Heave Sent’ only for the shop front. A set of built-up letters for the reception desk area and 5 sets of flat cut letters, all in a bronze or rusted patina type finish.

The Applelec SignPik range was the perfect fit for this brief, with its range of exceptional finishes, ideal for sophisticated brands that can be used across all three types of signage. The Applelec Signage team recommended the chic, electroplated brushed bronze effect that provides the client with the desired aesthetic. Its beautifully blended edges, ensures consistency across each letter and the brushed, horizontal grain elevates the look of the letters, creating detail and impact that is perfect for eye level signage where the quality of its craftsmanship can be best appreciated.

Halo illumination, for the shop front signage, was achieved using crisp white 4000k LEDs, which were embedded in the 4mm polycarb back tray of each letter and then mounted using 25mm spacers, also finished in the same brushed bronze, electroplated finish to match. This allowed the light from the LEDs to shine out to the back and sides of each letter, creating a soft glow that hugs each letter perfectly. The neutral tones of the 4000k LEDs brings the depth of the bronze tone to life against the clean white shop face and beautifully accentuates the horizontal grain and blended edges of each letter.

For the reception desk area, the client wanted letters the same size as the external signage, but without illumination. These non-illuminated built-up letters stood at 240mm high and 30mm deep (150mmm high for the word ‘clinics’) creating depth and shadow on the beautifully colour washed walls.

Flat cut letters were chosen for the smallest set of letters, at 125mm high (70mm high for ‘Clinics’), and VHB tape was used to mount the letters to the internal wall, allowing the letters to sit neatly flush to wall.

Each set of letters designed by Nebula Creative matched the signs environment and purpose perfectly and the quality finish that was replicated across each letter, created brand consistency throughout the premises and fitted the luxury brand aesthetic perfectly.

“Heaven Sent Clinics agree that investing in signage is a smart business move, as it can significantly impact brand visibility and customer attraction. High-quality signage not only draws attention but also communicates professionalism and reliability, ultimately yielding a strong return on investment. It's a cost-effective marketing tool with long-lasting benefits for your business.
We think the end product looks magnificent and gives Heaven Sent Clinics a professional and clean look.”

Jacob Smith – Director – Nebula Creative Limited




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