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St Helens’ Langtree Park

Applelec and Vinyline deliver stadium sized illuminated signage in record time.

With a five week timescale, Vinyline were called upon by St Helens’ Langtree Park to create signage in time for the official opening of their £26 million stadium.

Engaging Applelec to construct two large sets of LED illuminated lettering and five sets of descaled stainless steel built up letters, Vinyline planned the difficult installation.

The signage presented a variety of challenges due to the sheer scale of the letters which are between 1000mm and 1700mm in height. The exposed setting of the stadium meant the letters needed to withstand winds of up to 100 mph, whilst no fixing points existed for frames to support the letters. In consideration of these challenges, Vinyline designed a system to fix steel to existing girders and specified aluminium in the sign construction to minimise weight.

Two sets of rim and return built up letters were fabricated by Applelec and completed with built-up metal back trays. 5mm thick opal acrylic letter faces were illuminated by Sloan V180 LEDs with vinyl inserts applied to each letter and logo face.

Mike Anderton, technical sales manager at Vinyline explains:

‘The first sign, featuring one metre illuminated letters, needed to be created in two weeks and our client was delighted with the quality of the results. Applelec turned the job around quickly whilst having another job with a tight deadline already in production for us. The second illuminated sign looks stunning close up and even better form the stadium’s main carriageway.’

Credits: Images courtesy of Vinyline.




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