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St Andrews

Applelec manufacture built-up metal letters to provide branding for new reception space.

Newport Norse selected Applelec to manufacture a series of built-up metal letters to provide new branding for the reception area at St. Andrew’s Primary School in Wales.

The reception at St. Andrew’s was recently refurbished to create a more contemporary and visually striking entrance way within the primary school’s Victorian building. Along with modernising the reception, the concept for the new space was designed to help develop the primary school children’s creativity, as well as provide a calming environment.

As part of the project, Newport Norse specified Applelec to manufacture a series of built-up metal letters to form the ST. NDREW’S section of the new logo. At 600mm in height, the logo was created in brushed stainless steel to achieve the required modern aspect for the scheme and to contrast against the towering, freestanding letter A.

Fitted on top of the magenta A, the ST section of the logo was punctuated with a hollow, 154mm diameter circle, which represents the full stop of the St. Andrew’s logo. The centre of the disc was filled with a flat cut, stainless steel star, which was created to reflect the school’s ‘learning together, we reach for the stars’ motto. Running the full length of the new reception desk, the NDREW’S letters were finished with rounded edges, to ensure the signage would be safe for the low level installation.

Michael Crotch, Applelec’s head of signage sales said: ‘The positioning of the ST part of the logo meant the lettering would be visible from both inside and outside the reception area. To accommodate this, the signage was manufactured with a double-sided finish, where the letter returns were meticulously hand shaped and manipulated by our metal fab team to achieve a seamless and precise seal for the logo.’

Andrew Herrington, Newport Norse’s Architectural Designer said: ‘The refurbishment had to be completed within six weeks and because of this tight timeframe, an efficient turnaround was crucial, which was achieved by a collaborative effort from Applelec and our regular contractors. Coordinating the procurement along with exacting size, style and finish of the built-up metal letters was a technical challenge and one that was met with good communication and craftsmanship from Applelec.’

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