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isGroup select SloanLED systems and built-up letters for Manchester Printworks

isGroup worked closely with SloanLED LED systems and Applelec to create new, high-level signage for the rainforest themed, crazy golf establishment, Treetop Adventure Golf.

Housed within the premier entertainment destination, Printworks Manchester, isGroup manufactured attention-grabbing signage for Treetop Adventure Golf as part of the launch of their first English venue. In-keeping with the pre-existing signage, the logo was designed to deliver a commanding statement piece, whilst also revealing the architectural character of the Grade II Listed building.

Stretching an impressive 6350 x 2552mm in overall size, the large format signage consists of built-up, rim and return, illuminated letters, which were manufactured with green and ivory acrylic faces to align with Treetop Adventure Golf’s brand colouring. At 592mm in height at their tallest, the letters were integrated with SloanLED’s 6500K Prism Mini modules, where the crisp, white colour temperature of the LEDs deliver bright and smooth face illumination.

The built-up letters were mounted onto a slim, aluminium sign tray, which form the first layer of the logo and anchors the signage to the Printworks façade. Manufactured in sections to suit the existing exterior framework of the building, the slick 100mm depth sign tray was shaped to replicate the Treetop Adventure Golf’s wooden plaque design. Recreating the appearance of distressed timber, the sign tray was wrapped in external graded, digitally printed vinyl, where the wood grain effect added the textural detailing required for the logo.

Tracing the outline of the aluminium sign tray, lengths of SloanLED’s green FlexiBRITE LED system was integrated and shaped to precisely follow the rustic rough edge of the wooden plaque design. Creating a mixture of meandering lines and acute angles of light, the highly malleable LED solution was easily configured into the difficult positions, achieving vibrant, neon-style perimeter illumination.

Paul Dyke isGroup’s sales/technical director said:

‘We specifically selected SloanLED’s FlexiBRITE as we knew the LED system would deliver the premium quality required for this project. The colour rich solution closely matches the vivid green of the Treetop lettering, which helped to create a cohesive and stylish design. As well as this, the high performing LEDs provide powerful, homogenous illumination, achieving impactful signage that stands out amongst the other tenant branding.’




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