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Harrisons Signs select Applelec to create built up letters for Nestle's living wall

As part of a £110 million investment at their Tutbury factory, Nestle created a living wall that attractively screens the site with thousands of growing plants. Floating feature signage was constructed by Harrisons Signs supported by Applelec.

At over 1.75m in height, the signage consisted of built up letters and the brand’s instantly recognisable bird’s nest logo in mirror polished stainless steel with fully fabricated back-trays. Designed to float on the wall without visible fixings, Harrisons Signs’ created a letter support system around the planned living wall structure.

Richard Hunter of Harrisons Signs explains:

‘At initial meetings we realised our structure would need to blend around what was already planned and still be strong enough to safely support the large built up letters. Letters that might look like quite an appealing climbing frame to anyone coming out of the local pub!’

The living wall structure was planned like a giant Connect-Four grid with hundreds of foliate planters – each containing 16 holes for foliage to grow through – slotted into the wall framework in layers. Harrisons Signs planned an H-section frame system positioned directly behind the living wall to provide solid support for the letters. 32 letter fixing arms were then secured to the framework with 100mm clearance for plant maintenance.

Michael Crotch, Applelec Head of Signage, said:

‘We supported Harrisons Signs with components for the built up letters and fixing arms in this project whilst advising on the installation system created for the letters.’

Harrisons Signs’ coordinated installation to ensure sign fixing arms could fit precisely through planter box holes and enable the built up letters to be securely fitted. Dave Robinson, Harrisons Signs project manager, concludes: ‘After months of planning, the installation was incredibly straightforward. As the saying goes, it’s all in the preparation.’

Credits: Images courtesy of Harrisons Signs




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