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National Media Museum

MK UK select Applelec's illuminated signage for the National Media Museum.

A shining beacon to visual culture, illuminated signage for the National Media Museum by M4 UK Ltd and Applelec is now brightly glowing across Bradford City Centre.

With letters required at approximately 15 metres in length and 850mm high, Applelec's built-up rim and return letters were selected to provide added support, which is paramount for safety and stability at this size and when being installed at a height.

Tasked with delivering maximum visibility for this identity signage, the letters were face illuminated with a double line of the bright SloanLED V Series modules, and letters were internally painted satin white, further enhancing the light reflection, giving the already bright illumination that added kick.

Despite the signs scale and brightness, it only draws 450W in total thanks to the highly energy efficient SloanLED modules, which came with a five year warranty.

National Media Museum external illuminated signage

As sign installations at height can present challenges and with a curved building frontage and glass facade directly below the lettering, this project was no exception.

Stuart Williams, M4 UK Ltd project manager, explains:

‘The curvature of the building meant a cantilever scaffold was required for installation access to the final four letters of the sign. Due to the scale of the letters they were taken up in the museum’s lift and passed out onto the scaffold. Below us was a glass canopy so we were extremely careful not to drop anything from the scaffold!’

As a Bradford based business, it is so rewarding for the Applelec Signage team to see this sign on our daily commutes, especially on darker nights, when the sign can be seen beaming across the city, representing the best of the city and the best of Applelec Sign.

Credits: Photography by Vector Photography



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