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Mark Leeson

Chic illuminate signage for award-winning hair salon by Nebula Creative

Bradford based graphic design and branding company Nebula Creative have created chic and sophisticated signage for a revamp of the award-winning hairdressing salon, Mark Leeson, combining built up letters with fabricated fascia signage supplied by Applelec.

Each of the three pieces of signage is constructed using Applelec’s built up brushed stainless steel letters, one of which were mounted to an exterior folded aluminium fascia, the other mounted to a small folded aluminium panel. Nebula Creative, with advice from Applelec, opted for the grey beige powder coated fascia panels to compliment the interior style which features brown leather seats, cool purple illumination and silver fixtures.

The first interior sign greets you as you enter the salon, a large Mark Leeson logo mounted to the wall behind reception looks instantly striking and stylish. These built up letters are halo illuminated with cool white LEDs, perfectly fitting with the salon’s lighting scheme. This sign is replicated in the back of the salon, the logo sign is mounted on exposed grey brick creating a perfect feature wall behind a row of washbasins.

The outdoor signage is just as impressive, simple yet stylish capitalised text displaying ‘Mark Leeson’ which sits strikingly above the door, this again halo illuminated with cool white LEDs onto a grey beige fascia situated behind. A second outdoor built up logo is constructed from stainless steel and sits on the black brick wall as you enter the doorway. Due to the small size of the sign, Micro-Sign LEDs were used to illuminate as standard LEDs would have been too large to fit.

Jacob of Nebula Creative states

‘Mark Leeson is a prestigious brand and the owners of the salon wanted to portray this with the salon’s signage. Conor Bradley of Applelec did a great job understanding our needs and overcoming any issues we came across such as fixings, Sunday deliveries, power supplies etc. With stainless steel lettering lit by bright white LEDs, the Salon now stands out from the other shops on the high street.’

Mark Leeson began hairdressing 30 years ago, in this time he has opened two salons and become known as one of the best hairdressers in the industry. The salon is proud to have finalised for over 32 awards and has won 14. Mark himself won the ultimate hairdressing accolade in 2014 when he was crowned British Hairdresser of the Year at the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards.




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