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BSW Timber Group

All Round Signs provide low maintenance signage for BSW Timber Group with Applelec's LED systems.

All Round Signs were instructed by long-time clients BSW Timber Group to create corporate identity signage for their Fort William sawmill, K2, with support from Applelec.

Jamie Ball, project manager at All Round Signs, said:

'As the largest sawmilling business in Great Britain, our client was keen to establish a strong corporate impression at their growing site in Fort William. We designed signage to be displayed on a large timber building façade and chose Applelec's LED lighting systems for the project as we wanted to add impact by using illumination, but also create low maintenance signage due to the busy site location. As one of the largest projects we've been involved in, working with Applelec provided the support we needed to bring the project together and ensured we were confident we could deliver.'

The BSW logo was adapted slightly by All Round Signs to ensure it would be visually successful when illuminated against the natural wood cladding of the installation site. Making use of the timber background, the identity signage was created in several individual parts using fabrication styles appropriate to each element of the sign. A built-up rim and return style was chosen for the 'BSW' lettering whilst the tree logo and K2 sawmill site logo feature built-up flat faced construction styles. A fabricated sign tray with radius corners and a stencil cut face was used for the 'Timber Group' lettering.

Illumination to the stencil cut faces of the tree logo and fabricated sign tray was achieved using Applelec's LED Light Sheet, which was chosen for its ability to provide bright, even light and its three year warranty. Similarly, green halo illumination came from Applelec's stocked SloanLED V-Series modules which were selected for their five year warranty. Throughout the construction, reverse fitted back trays were painted white to enhance the halo illumination with all LEDs fully wired-up and bench tested by Applelec.

Carl Eastwood, Director of Applelec, explains:

'We are extremely pleased that this project has been such a success for All Round Signs. They have shown creativity in adapting their client's logo to ensure it would be suitable for its intended location and worked towards future-proofing the installation by choosing LEDs with three and five year warranty periods.'



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