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Applelec's Corten style paint finish for metal letters and signage

Weathering steel is increasing in popularity for signage and architectural design, and now available as part of Applelec’s wide range of paint options is our Corten style finish.

Applelec’s faux rust, paint alternative for metal letters and signage mimics the end result of weathering steel. Utilising our onsite paint shop facility, this paint finish option for signage involves a two step procedure, where the material will firstly be powder coated an orange colouring and then wet sprayed black to imitate the random rust patterns and textures that will naturally occur over time on Corten steel.

As weathering steel must be exposed to the elements to allow the rusting process to take place, the desired effect takes much longer to achieve, limiting the opportunity to integrate this type of signage in to interior spaces. Applelec’s rusty paint finish option bypasses the lengthy oxidisation process and provides a solution that is instantly ready to integrate in to retail and hospitality applications, creating an industrial or antique feel to an internal space.

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