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Applelec and Innerspace create built-up moss letter and new company signage for Queensway

Applelec and Innerspace recently teamed up to create new company branding for the hospitality real estate organisation, Queensway Group. Following designs created by Interior Lab, the signage was constructed in a range of built-up metal and flat cut acrylic letters and was installed in Queensway’s reception area at their head office in London.

At 650mm in height, the Queensway Q logo was created from Applelec’s built-up, stainless steel letter range and was coated in mint turquoise paint, reinforcing the corporate colours of the company. Adding softness to the design, Innerspace’s preserved dark green, reindeer moss was embedded in to the sunken faces of the built-up metal letter, adding texture and depth of colour to the sign. The darker tones to the living moss complemented the soft colouring of the painted outer surface of the Q letter, making the logo a prominent feature against the white stone wall.

Running underneath the metal Q sign, Queensway is spelt utilising Applelec’s flat cut acrylic letters. At 5mm thick and spanning 1320mm in length, the acrylic letters are finished in the same mint turquoise as the moss filled, metal letter, adding a strike of colour to the new signage.

Richard Russell from Innerspace said: ‘Applelec’s built-up metal letter range lends itself perfectly for embedding and encasing our living moss. The decorative letter for the Queensway project has really added vibrancy to the reception area as well as bringing a touch of nature to an indoor space.’

Michael Crotch, Applelec’s head of signage sales said: ‘Real moss lettering is increasing rapidly in popularity and we’re seeing more demand for this for use across a range of installations. Our manufacturing capabilities combined with Innerspace’s wide variety of moss types provides endless design possibilities for letter and finish styles.’

Photography: Courtesy of Innerspace



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