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Can you tell us about Applelec’s Premium Built-Up Metal Letters range?

It’s one of our best-selling ranges; it provides a versatile choice for both internal and external signage in a wide range of materials and finishes. Available in stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium coated stainless steel, the range features a total of 26 different finishes to suit the practical and aesthetic requirements of each signage project.

The Premium range is created using a specialised production technique where by the letter’s soldered edge, where the letter face is joined to the return, is first filed and then highly polished. The method creates a continuous soldered seam which eliminates all sharp points, delivering a letter that is smooth to the touch.

Due to the smooth finish of the letters, the range can be selected for eye-level interior applications such as point of sale or for reception and lift areas. The range is available in some of the smallest size options on the market with letters and logos possible at just 50mm in height or with 6mm returns or stroke widths as narrow as 3mm.

The range of metals and corresponding finishes available within the Premium range provide a wide choice of options for various project scenarios. Stainless steel letters can be painted to adhere to a brand or project colour scheme, whilst and brass and copper letters are particularly suited to heritage and listed buildings. For exterior applications, gold titanium offers an attractive and more hardwearing alternative to brass whilst bronze titanium can provide a similar alternative to copper.

Distressed style lettering is currently incredibly popular across sectors including retail, leisure and hospitality. For customers wanting built-up metal lettering with an imperfect look or aged patina, the Premium range can help achieve a specific style of decay. From oxidised brass to green or blue copper Verdigris, the Premium Metal letter range takes the guesswork out of specifying an aged metal look that can be open to wide interpretation.

The Premium built-up letter range can be supplied as individual letters or used within larger fabricated signage systems, including totems, projecting and fascia signs, manufactured by Applelec. Halo illumination can also be added from our stocked range of LED modules and a range of fixings are available dependent on installation requirements.



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