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Selecting the best finishes for built-up metal letters

Selecting the correct material and finish for built-up metal letters is a crucial element in ensuring signage complements the final effect of the project. Applelec’s metal letter ranges accommodate a wide variety of choice and we’ve put together a handy outline, with focus on stainless steel finishes and their suitability within certain applications.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel has long been revered as an industry favourite. The material is strong, reliable and durable, providing longevity to the life span of the sign and making it ideally suited for external installations due to its hard-wearing properties. This stainless steel finish creates a contemporary look that is synonymous with new and more modern applications. The finish is often selected for signage that is to feature on new office builds, to match and reinforce the slick appearance of these premises and is available in brushed, polished and painted options.

Brushed stainless steel:

The brushed stainless steel offers a modern but more understated and subtle finish than the polished finish option. Factors to consider when selecting this option is the location of the installation, as this will have an affect on the appearance of the letters. The overall look of the brushed finish may seem lighter of darker at certain angles depending on how the light hits the grained surface of the metal letters.

Polished stainless steel:

Polished stainless steel has a mirror/chrome type finish, which is often selected to support a high end, superior product or service. Similarly to brushed stainless steel letters, a key thing to consider is the location of the letters. In direct sunlight the lettering of the metal sign can sometimes be difficult to read due to the light reflection and as a result compromises its overall impact.

Painted stainless steel Premium letter:

Applelec’s painted stainless steel finish is available in standard RAL colours and finish options. We’re happy to try and match any three digit pantone colours, although due to the complexity of this process, a close match is all we are able to guarantee.

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