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5 reasons to choose NeonLux LED Lettering

Traditional, glass neon is beautifully hand crafted to create highly striking, visual statements, but the solution is not without its limitations. We’ve created a list of five top reasons why Applelec’s NeonLux LED Lettering range makes for a great alternative.

1. Installation flexibility: Due to the fragility of glass neon, this signage must either be installed at high level or within a clear, acrylic case to help protect the solution from curious fingers. Applelec’s NeonLux LED Lettering is manufactured from standardised block acrylic, providing an extremely robust and durable alternative to glass neon that can be positioned safely at eye level.

2. Suitable for external and internal installations: Continuing further the installation possibilities, the LED lettering range is constructed with a unique seal that creates a maximum IP67 protection rating, making NeonLux LED letters suitable for both internal and external applications.

3. Energy efficient: NeonLux LED Lettering range is illuminated with securely embedded, thermally managed LEDs, so the solution runs cool to the touch, making it ideal for low level installations. The high quality of the LEDs produces bright and even illumination, creating the same dazzling results as authentic glass neon, whilst drawing less power as the LEDs are highly energy efficient.

4. Quick lead time: Due to advancements in manufacturing, the lead time for our NeonLux LED letter range is much shorter when compared to the lengthy and labour intensive process for creating glass neon signage. Manufactured utilising our CNC router, the quick turnaround helps to provide a cheaper alternative to neon glass.

5.Design possibilities: Replicating a true glass look, NeonLux LED lettering can be constructed to a bullnose shape and created with a high polish finish to imitate the rounded and glossy appearance of traditional neon tubing. The product can be manufactured to bespoke designs for imaginative graphic shapes.



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