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Branded Etched Corian

Get the WOW factor with our M|R Walls corian custom branded signage. Exclusively available in the UK through Applelec Sign, M|R Walls is a revolution in design technology, creating non-repeating patterns and textures, with custom branding etched into this versatile, durable solid surface material. The possibilities are endless.

A revolution in design technology

M|R Walls is a unique line of textured, etched and multidimensional wall surfaces made from Corian® solid surface material, with designs by renowned Californian designer Mario Romano. 

Each piece of M|R Wall is a unique, non-repeating design, with endless expressions that are infinitely customisable. It's scale and possibilities are endless! 

Using the latest parametric computing and CNC machining technology, each piece connects together like a large puzzle to create seamless, multidimensional walls. This allows you to get creative on a massive scale, without arduous and expensive installs.

Combined with the versatile properties of Corian solid surface, M|R Walls can be used in a wide variety of applications, internally and externally. 

M|R Walls Etched Logo

Unique signage, fully customisable with endless possibilities

Exclusively available in the UK and and Ireland in partnership with Applelec Sign Components (UK) Ltd and CDUK. This gives the Applelec Sign team the unique opportunity to offer this one of a kind fabrication, exclusively to our signage customers.

Fully customisable, this beautifully etched fabrication is visually engaging and tactile, like nothing else out there on the market, allowing signage companies to create stunning bespoke signage installations.


Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Get a custom designed etched logo wall

  • M|R Walls textured design with integrated etched logo

  • M|R Walls etched, patterned backdrop with mounted fabricated signage

M|R Walls pattern with integrated logo


  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Designed in California

  • No limits to size or scale

  • Can be used on internal and external applications

  • Manufactured from the durable Corian solid surface material

  • Fully customisable

  • Unique and simple puzzle piece assembly

  • Integrated back illumination options available exclusively from Applelec Lighting

  • Wide range of Corian colours available 

  • Brought to you in partnership with M|R Walls, Applelec and CDUK Ltd.

M|R Walls backdrop with signage
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The perfect partnership

The combination of our 20 years plus manufacturing experience and unrivalled signage and architectural lighting expertise, with CDUK’s strong reputation as the leading supplier of surface materials, will form the perfect partnership to bring Mario’s innovative and exciting product exclusively to the UK and Ireland markets


“I couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with Applelec and CDUK to make this happen. They’re the best UK partners we could have hoped for, and this is hands-down the most exciting design market in the world right now. I can’t wait to see the fantastic and ground-breaking projects this alchemy will bring to life.”

Mario Romano - Creater of M|R Walls

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