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Eco Lightbox

Our Eco Lightbox offers the same vibrant, quality finish that you have come to expect from standard products but in a more sustainable way.

One order, one tree planted

Alongside its eco-friendly materials, we also pledge to plant a tree with every order from our eco-friendly product range, contributing even further to a circular economy and the sustainability of this product.

If we told you, you could get the same quality signage product but with a lower impact on the environment, the choice would be a no brainer, right?

Our talented team have been busy eco engineering another signage staple to add to our growing eco signage range. Our new Applelec Eco Light Box is designed for disassembly at end of life and is comprised of eco-friendly materials to make this a more sustainable option without compromising on look or quality.

Recycled bottle backlit skin

Our Eco Lightbox skin offers the same vibrant, quality finish that you have come to expect from standard products but in a more sustainable way. Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (2 bottles per meter squared) and printed with water-based inks, which are non-toxic, these interchangeable, recyclable, eco skins offer flexibility in messaging, allowing you to re-use the frame time and time again. 

Recycled and recyclable frame

Created using fully recyclable stainless steel or aluminium shells with a choice of eco backboards to suit your project, this 32mm deep lightbox uses less material than standard extruded lightboxes and are constructed for ease of disassembly and recycling at the end of the products life.

Bright, highly energy efficient LEDs

The new SloanLED BrightLINE 2 LP is better and more efficient than ever. Featuring prism lens technology which captures otherwise wasted light and redirects it towards the illuminated surface, this innovative technology not only provides wide, even illumination but offers a massive increase in efficacy. Running at an exceptional 163 lumens per watts, with a low 24 VDC voltage, means that this energy efficient module allows for at least 50% more product per power supply over previous generations, without sacrificing brightness. Optimised for applications at or below 1.57 in (40 mm) deep, balancing brightness and product spacing to achieve incredible loading of 44 (Long) sticks per 100 W power supply doubling the efficacy on the BrightLINE 1. What’s more this pre-wired system, provides a greater degree of protection against accidental damage when replacing graphics. Its quality components and 5-year parts and labour warranty, instils further confidence in this reliable module, which will maintain colour consistency throughout the lightbox’s life. Available in 6500K and now 4000K, offering crucial versatility in colour temperature to match both warm and cool colours as well as skin tones that are crucial in a retail environment. LEDs are further prepositioned with our lighting software to optimise efficiency and quality illumination ensure your eco lightbox achieves a bright, vibrant appearance, whilst being kinder to the environment.


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