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GAP’s refurbished London flagship glows with colour popping acrylic letters

Packing serious feel-good-punch, playful display systems at GAP’s newly refurbished Oxford Street flagship store feature Applelec’s giant decorative acrylic letters and LED Light Sheet display lighting.

Against a backdrop of rain and grey skies, GAP have banished the gloom with a vivacious colour-clashing window and interior scheme at their London flagship store. A current micro-trend for typography on a grand scale continues with GAP specifying one metre tall, acrylic formed letters in bold shades of green, violet, orange and blue. Spelling G-A-P, the robust letters can be positioned individually around the store providing maximum flexibility for their ongoing use.

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec’s Chairman & Founder, explains:

‘GAP specified Applelec’s large format illuminated acrylic letters which have been extremely popular this year along with our lighting product, LED Light Sheet. Applelec’s large letters and LED Light Sheet have now been specified by a number of brands in a process which sees us regularly working with various retailers’ sign makers and shop-fitters on elements of design detailing.’

Created in Applelec’s West Yorkshire factory, where all acrylic letter fabrication now takes place, the giant letters have been face illuminated using white LEDs to match lit display areas and complete the visual merchandising system. Applelec’s 8mm deep LED Light Sheet provides plug-and-play illumination to these product display areas which feature wood pallets topped with glossy and glowing coloured acrylic to produce an invigorating contrast of texture and colour.

Applelec Sign built up acrylic letters

Nicola Rees, GAP’s European VM Operations Manager, comments:

‘LED Light Sheet was chosen for the window scheme due to the consistency of solid light, thinness and versatility. The final result is vibrant and strong.’

To generate height in the displays, multiple wood pallets and display shelves have been stacked to create plinths in a variety of differing heights on which mannequins or the giant, vivid letters are positioned. In both the window displays and internal installations, these eye-popping brights demand attention amongst the natural tones of wood and white painted pallets to bring a refreshing zest to the otherwise neutral store scheme and compliment the colours of the displayed clothing ranges.

Once the current display ends, the illuminated GAP letters will remain at the Oxford Street store to be used as props, whilst the LED Light Sheet units will be reused in future installations.




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